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                                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION’S (FAQ’S)

1. How do you define your style of Photography?

We aim to capture your wedding story in an unobtrusive, candid manner. We want your wedding

pictures & films to feel real, so that the natural magic of your story is preserved. And when your

family from the next generation takes a look at this story, they get a true sense of who you are. We

also experiment a lot with in-camera techniques, reflective & refractive surfaces, light, perspectives,

etc. We've been told that working with us is an interesting experience. When it comes to your couple

portraits, we will offer direction to make the output reflect your natural chemistry, without looking

cheesy or gimmicky.

2. What should I look for a wedding photographer?

I tell brides and grooms that the number one thing to look for in their wedding photographer is

work, events handled. The photographer is the only individual who will be with you at wedding

day, and you can feel comfortable with the person who is clicking photos. So, when you are

meeting them, you can check the work they have done. See how you feel around them. They

will click the pictures and videos of your family and friends, so the right choice of photographer

which will make your wedding day special. Isn’t the cake, nor the colors of the bridal party

gowns, or the types of flowers for the wedding bouquets? It is the photographer that will make

your day go smoothly. Choose wisely.

3. Which payment application which you use for payment?

We prefer cash/ Cheque, RTGS/NEFT, Patym, and Google Pay and 18% Tax added.

4. What else should I look out for when I am looking at a photographer’s Sample?

It is important that an album you see one wedding from start to finish, not just a collection of

highlights from a dozen different weddings. If a photographer assembles and shows the best

photos from several weddings in one album, you are not seeing an accurate representation of

the results you might expect from your wedding. It is reasonable for you to expect the same

quality work at your wedding that the photographer shows you when you first visit, especially if

the sample images match the setting and time of day of your wedding.

5. Which equipment’s which you use for photograph?

We use Canon 5D Mark IV,Canon 6D Mark 2, official canon Zoom lens systems

( 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.8, 24-70 2.8 & 70-200 2.8), these lenses are

top quality and allow us to photograph most situations without the need of

using the flash (but we obviously have them for special situations). These

cameras sit very well in our inconspicuous style and we love the colours

these cameras deliver. The nature of digital means that each image starts

life as a colour photo and we shoot in RAW format. Any changes to black and

white or sepia tones are conversions done in a later process

6. How many weddings do you shot in a year?

. Since we personally handle EVERY aspect of our wedding photography & cinematic film output, we

are only able to take up between 20 to 25 weddings a year.


7. What software do you use to edit your photos?

We use Photoshop to edit the photos.

8. Some photographers ask that no one else should take pictures during the time of photography, is that


Yes. If the photographer is trying to work quickly through a series of formal pictures, a snap-

shoot might slow the process. A problem arises when there are several cameras aimed at a

formal group – the subjects will be looking at different lenses. The diverted attention will ruin

the professional’s picture. Or, if the professional is using a light-sensing trigger device (“slave”)

on a second flash, other flashes will trigger this flash, ruining the pictures [that you are paying

for] and wasting battery power. There are many other reasons why a professional might ask

others to refrain from picture taking during formals. On the other hand, many guests find

snapping a few pictures a pleasant part of attending weddings, so it should not be a big deal for

your professional to be relaxed and let people snap away when formals are over. Ideally, guests

should show respect for the bridal party and photographer and put down their cameras during

the formal photos.

9. How do I find the right wedding photographer?

You should choose a wedding photographer based on several considerations. Do your research.

Check online, ask your friends or neighbors, ask local Chambers of Commerce; and keep your

eyes and ears open when you go to a special event or to a mall with photo exhibits. Secondly,

once you have a list of photographers and met with each of them in person, you must love her

work. Look for a photographer whose work moves you, whose style you love, and who tells a

story the way you want your story to be told another factor to consider is work and the way he

covers the entire event. Since your wedding photographer will be with you the whole wedding

day, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable with this individual. One way to gauge

this is to ask yourself: “Would we be friends with this photographer even if we weren’t getting

married?” If the answer to this question is “yes,” then this is the person to book.

10. How early in wedding planning process should I book for wedding photographer?

If photography is very important to you, you will also want to book as early as possible to

ensure booking the best photographer for your needs. If your wedding will be in nice weather,

during a holiday, or on another popular date, you may want to consider booking your

photographer as early as 12 to 18 months ahead of the date. If you have a favorite wedding

photographer in mind before you have booked your wedding venue, you can call the

photographer to confirm his or her availability before signing the contract with the venue. In

any event, it is in your best interest to have your wedding photographer booked at least a year

in advance.

11. Do we receive raw, un-edited files?

Yes we receive any raw or unedited images.


12. So how much does wedding photography costs?

Prices range drastically from one photographer to another due to their years of expertise,

products you choose to purchase, travel and set up time, and a number of other factors. It is

difficult to quote just one price fits all since each couple is unique. If you want great images,

trustworthiness, and a “friend” to be your wedding photographer, be prepared to consider it an

investment and not just how “how much.” Expect better photographers to charge the higher

rates. With an inexperienced photographer, he/she may charge you as little as₹ 40 for a print.

And, it is reasonable for an excellent photographer to charge you ₹100 for a print of the same

size. That is because you are getting a better product from the experienced professional. If you

are looking for a bargain and shop by email or phone for pricing, you are following a recipe for

poor to mediocre photography. Photography is about 10% of the total wedding budget. When

couples value photography highly this translates into a bargain for the memories it will hold

dearly in your hearts.

13. What will become of photography? Hire a pro?

Almost everyone on this planet can take photos now. Whether it is through a camera’s lens or

an iPhone. It really doesn’t matter the form….unless you CARE about your photos. WOAH. What

does that mean? It means when it really counts and you want lasting images for keepsake and

to pass down from generation to generation, it is really really important to hire a professional

photographer to take those really important images. It is fun to take images on your iPhone and

it is so much fun to post them on social media outlets. But are they really the photos you want

in an album? Are they the quality you want in frames in your house? I suggest they are not. So

hire a real professional photographer who knows how to “sniff out those moments” and get

those intimate moments from your family portraits or special events, Hire a pro who is skilled in

capturing pictures with personality. They will bring real cameras and backups of cameras and all

the equipment they need to bring to get those images you want for your very special event.

14. Do you use back-up equipment’s to the event in case of malfunction?

Yes we use back-up equipment’s to the event in the case of malfunction of any equipment.

15. Do you charge hourly or full day?

Yes we charge hourly and also full day.


16. What technical details should I watch out for?

Lighting quality is an important ingredient in superior photographs. Kindly ask us for proper

lightings. The light in photographs should be natural and flattering, so that the pictures look

three-dimensional. Overuse of on- *camera flash can ruin wedding pictures. Watch out for

flattened faces, harsh reflections off of cheeks and foreheads, and dark shadows directly behind

or next to the subjects. With finesse, a fine photographer can work with almost any outdoor

lighting situation without using flash. Look for a variety in subject size – a mix of distant,

medium and close-up pictures. Even with groups, lighting and posing should be interesting. The

well posed bridal portrait should minimize the subjects’ flaws (weight problem, blemishes, etc.)

and express who the subject is and how he/she/they feel. The dramatic and scenic wedding

image, like the red Convertible on the show-room floor, attracts everyone’s attention, but most

brides and their families, like most car buyers, want what suits them personally. You want

pictures that tell the story simply, with immediate impact, and as if the photographer was not

even there. It’s like fixing your hair or applying make-up so that it looks natural.

17. Do you travel for weddings? What are the rates for destination wedding?

Yes we travel for weddings and our rates may wary depending upon the type of wedding.

18. What kind of album do you offer? How does the album process work?

We use album and they are paper type, construction, page style, Cover option, Pages available,

size option, Price point and finished product.

19. What equipment’s do you use? Do you have back-up plan?

We use camera lens, camera body, tripod, camera battery, Porta light, Camera charger, Ultra

wide lens, 70-200 lens, Porta filament, Umbrella etc. and we have back up for the equipment


20. Do you offer payment options?

Yes we offer payment options such as cash 18% GST is added or by cheque. Other payment app

such as RTGS/BHIM, Google Pay.

21. How many wedding do you shoot in a year?

We have shoot minimum 32 weddings.

22. What if one or more of my wedding function goes on for a little longer than we have


If the wedding function goes too long and we will charge hourly.

23.”Photography”- the universal language?

. Almost everyone loves to look at photos. We are drawn to faces, to something awesome,

something beautiful, and something simple… something different. Surfing the web, looking at

highway billboards, checking out Facebook, picking up a book or magazine, checking out

peoples’ iPhone…everyone and everywhere are pictures, pictures, pictures. No matter where

you are in the world or what you are doing, photos are the universal language, and you will

understand that person even if they speak another language. For photography has become the

number one universal language! We are drawn to pictures. It is our way of recording our

existence. We have been depicting people since the cave man. No matter where you are in the

world or what you are doing, photos are the universal language, and you will understand that

person even if they speak another language. For photography has become the number one

universal language! We are drawn to pictures. It is our way of recording our existence. We are

drawn to pictures. It is our way of recording our existence. We have been depicting people

since the cave man.* In Greek and Roman times, only those with high status and money had

their pictures done. When photography came in existence, it was no longer relegated to the

rich. Everyone could have them now! And more and more, there are billions of pictures

circulating all around the globe for us to enjoy and comment upon. How delightful.

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